Better Understand Your Body


Dynamic Reformer Pilates is a super-charged version of Classic Reformer Pilates. Workouts are designed to be challenging and flow from one movement to the next in a logical sequence. Three key principles underpinning these workouts are Isolate, Activate and Integrate, whereby a weak or underactive muscle group is targeted, activated and integrated into a functional movement. The upshot of using this approach is that your body will feel in balance, more mobile, less susceptible to injury and you will have a better understanding and appreciation of your own body.

In ten sessions you’ll feel the difference, in twenty you’ll see the difference and in thirty you’ll have a whole new body.
— Joseph Pilates 1880 - 1967

Benefits for Sport

Reformer Pilates works well with professional footballers, rugby players and runners who are increasingly turning  to  Reformer Pilates in order to help them add flexibility and core strengthening to their existing fitness routines thereby enhancing their body conditioning, improving  performance, reducing the risk of injury, and adding extra variety to their training.


Reformer Pilates for Rehabilitation

Whether you suffer from chronic back pain, have just had a child or you want to get back into exercise but just don’t know where to start Rehabilitation training could be for you.Rehabilitation training focuses on slow isolated exercises, to engage and ‘reprogram’ or ‘re-train’ the muscles into activating in the correct sequence. Because it obliges the body to perform movements efficiently without subconscious muscular ‘cheating’ and/or postural assists, it’s a highly effective way of re-training bad habits or re-engaging muscles that have not been activated because of previous injury/surgery or skeletal anomalies i.e. scoliosis.


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